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100ml Calm Pillow & Room Spray.


Supporting your body & mind how nature intended with my grounding pillow & room spray.



Spray in your bedroom & on your pillow before going to bed to help you get a better nights sleep. The essential oils choosen for this blend are super grounding & soothing, easing your body into a lovely relaxed state.


Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes & broken skin. Keep the bottle away from direct sunlight. Not to be used by children or anyone who's pregnant. Avoid in case of known allergy to listed ingredients.


  • These products are not meant as a substitute for conventional medicine. If you are concerned about any health issues, please visit your GP.

Calm Pillow & Room Spray

  • All of my aromatherapy products are hand-made using responsibly sourced, 100% pure essential oils and natural plant oils. Also vegan friendly where possible, nourishing your body how nature intended. 

    Hand-made to order by a qualified clinical Aromatherapist!

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