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Disinfect Until We Crack

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Through lock down I was training as an aromatherapist at Cotswold Academy, and working nights as a paediatric complex support worker. I would sleep in the day when I could, whilst trying to get my children through home schooling. Which was a battle in itself!

It was tough, physically and mentally on all of us. Looking back now I realise how resilient we all are!

Whilst at work the constant hand washing was destroying our skin. Our hands were so sore and inflamed. Washing away all the healthy, natural oils was leaving our skin super dry and cracked. We were all using different hand creams to help alleviate this, but they won’t helping in the long run. I was getting so fed up with applying so many different products, many containing harmful ingredients such as synthetic fragrances and damaging preservatives.

Knowing that up to 60% of what we put on our skin gets absorbed, It only makes sense to be mindful of what products we apply. I knew there must be a more natural way to help nourish our skin.

So I experimented with different recipes, playing around with gorgeous essential oils and nourishing moisturising creams, using naturally derived emollients. Trying to find a perfect blend that had the therapeutic effects I desired, helping heal our skin the natural way.

This is where I learnt less is more!

The simpler the recipe, the better the products worked and also using top quality ingredients was a winner.

Wham Bam the night shift hand cream was born!

This is a gorgeous, nourishing hand cream which helps calm down sore, inflamed skin.

The Healing Hand Cream:

Makes 60ml:

- 56ml moisturise cream

- 4ml Shea butter

- 6 x drops of Bergamot

- 4 x drops of Frankincense

- 8 x drops of mandarin


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