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Why Aromatherapy?

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Some of my earliest memories from my childhood is picking honey suckle from the garden and being slightly obsessed with how sweet the aroma smelt. The whole garden smelling heavy of this, whilst the flowers bathed in the sun. That aroma now helps me feel calm and balanced and ready for any challenges that come my way. Every time I smell it, it takes me back to those incredible, hot summer days that seemed to last a life-time. Playing for hours in the garden with my big brother in gorgeous Dorset.

And that's the magic of Aromatherapy! Our amazing primal instincts are connected to the power of smell and evokes all kinds of emotions. This also keeps us safe. For example if we smell burning we know there must be a fire and we act on it.

How we smell :

When inhaling aromas the molecules go on a journey passing over the olfactory cell receptors in the nose, which send messages through to the limbic system. This is part of the brain that controls emotions. Our brain learns to associate a smell with a feeling, which evokes our emotions and memories, causing a physiological response in our bodies. It is said that our brain can remember up to 50,000 smells!! which is an insane amount!

The brain also reacts to different chemicals in the aromas, helping people to enhance there mood and gain desired therapeutic effects. This is what us qualified aromatherapists specialise in. We blend essential oils safely, whilst creating beautiful bespoke blends to re-balance the body and mind. For me aromatherapy is an art, not just a science.

Aromatherapy massage treatment:

When booking an aromatherapy massage, you'll be required to complete a health consultation to help me safely choose essential oils for you. A bespoke essential oil blend will then be safely created for your own specific needs.

Whilst having an aromatherapy massage the oils are entering your body via inhalation and absorption via the skin. Nourishing your skin at the same time as having a therapeutic massage which eases tension and relaxes tired muscles. All in all the treatment has many therapeutic effects on the body. Making aromatherapy a truly holistic treatment, as the body is being treated as a whole.

How i choose oils:

For clients who struggle with panic attacks and anxiety, I would think about using Vetiver in their blend as its calms the central nervous system, reducing tension, worry and anxiety.

For clients who have sore tired muscles I would think about using black pepper or rosemary as they are both a natural analgestic, and a rubefacient. Helping to warm the blood and get the circulation moving. This assists with removing lactic acid and delivering oxygen and nutrients to the muscle.

I choose up to 3 essential oils to use in any one blend. Ensuring the oils each complement and enhance each others therapeutic effects. Making certain they work together, creating a wonderful synergy.

What can aromatherapy help with?

- Anxiety/ Depression/ Stress

- Grief/ Bereavement

- Helps With Sleep

- Wounds/ Scars/ Skin Healing

- Muscular Problems

- Respiratory Issues

- PMT / Menopause

- Digestive Issues

- Supports Immune System

As a massage therapist working with essential oils has been a dream for me. Discovering a whole new world of techniques to help heal the body and mind naturally. I use these oils in my skincare and well-being products and aromatherapy massage treatments and find it forever fascinating and exciting. I use them at home too, for myself and for my families health and wellbeing. All reaping the benefits of these wonderful oils. I love exploring different blends and seeing first hand how these help my clients and my family.

Balancing the body and mind the natural way!

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